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08/01/2022 in Cigar Culture

Ciccar Life

Ciccar Life

Maximize your entire cigar experience with the use of a cigar holder. No, we don’t mean the holder that keeps your cigar from rolling off the table or the one that holds your cigar on the golf cart while you take that perfect swing, we are talking about the cigar holder that lets you savor every last moment you spend with your premium cigar. Meet Ciccar, the producer of a luxury cigar mouthpiece that enhances and extends your smoking experience. Ciccar is a cigar accessory designed that lets you “smoke the whole thing”, if you want to.

Maybe you want to just use your ciccar for the nub so you don’t burn your lips or your fingertips or maybe you want to have an even burn and want to use your ciccar holder to smoke your premium cigar all the way through … well that’s up to you. 

This cigar holder is sleek and elegant, like a piece of fine jewelry. It’s made of natural materials like stone and wood and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. No two ciccar holders are alike. If you are a collector of fine cigar accessories, then you definitely want to have a beautiful ciccar holder in your collection. They offer the individual pieces or a convenient ciccar kit that contains the holder, a leather pouch, cleaning brush and silicone tips.

Are you a retailer offering a featured premium cigar to your customers? Instead of explaining what it’s like, give your customers an actual taste by using your ciccar holder with the aluminum base and silicone tips. It’s a perfect way to make the most out of every stick and increase sales for your specialty smokes. 

You can find ciccar products at https://ciccarlife.com/ 

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