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06/13/2022 in Top Chops

Cuenca Cigars: The Best o Nada

Cuenca Cigars: The Best o Nada

This is where it all began! We were casual cigar smokers before we moved to Hollywood, Florida many years ago but it was at Cuenca’s where we really began to understand what a Cigar Community is all about. Founders Ana and Miguel Cuenca are from Cuba and have operated Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood at 1928 Harrison Street for more than 15 years. Therefore, it’s fitting that we are featuring Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood as our very first “Top Chop”.

Cuenca’s is a great looking place and is spotless, always, thanks to the tender loving care given to its cleaning by Addy, Ana’s sister. The Cuenca’s are always adding something new to enhance their customer’s experience. Comfortable furniture, umbrellas to protect from the heat or the rain, a member’s lounge, stools at the bar, and seating “out back” allow for plenty of spaces to work or to socialize. Beer, wine and coffee are available for purchase.

It is clear that the Cuenca’s have a special love for Fuente given their Fuente inspired decor. Their “Fuente Friday” escapades are somewhat legendary and reflect the close bond and affection they have for the Fuente family, but Cuenca’s does not discriminate. They also carry all of the Premium Cigar Brands, including Padron, My Father Cigars, La Flor Dominicana, Drew Estate, Rocky Patel and more. They carry inventory for smokers of every experience level and at every price point. They can also help you special order anything that they do not carry in the shop.

Cuencas is a true neighborhood gem. Hollywood draws an eclectic mix of people so it’s not at all unusual to see Cuencas’ regulars playing dominos right alongside vacationers in town for a visit. You will find all ages 21 and over of course, all ethnicities and all genders there at any given time, kicking back and having a smoke. Cuencas is a family-run business, from its owners to the next generation of nieces and nephews that are growing into the business, to their long-trusted friend and employee Juan, Cuenca’s makes everyone feel welcome and at home!

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