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Get to know Cigar Chops

Get to know Cigar Chops

Welcome to Cigar Chops, the premier website where cigar smokers can find local Cigar Shops, Lounges, and Bars. Cigar Chops was created by cigar enthusiasts and professional marketers to help promote local cigar shops and highlight the local cigar smoker's experience. Cigar smokers come from all walks of life, all income levels, all ethnicities and from all over the Country. Cigar smoking is a universal pleasure! To “have the chops” for something means you are really skilled at it and that takes practice. Whether you are a special occasion smoker or you smoke every day, Cigar “Chops” can help you find a place to enjoy a cigar, anywhere. 

At Cigar Chops, we are focused on promoting positive messaging about the premium cigar industry, cigar smokers and the local places that offer each neighborhood a unique cigar experience and community. You won’t find negative reviews here. Did you know that the premium cigar industry does a lot for its communities? Some of the biggest manufacturers in the space, and their industry partners, support numerous nonprofit organizations and give back to their communities through charitable donations.

These days, growth is hard on local businesses. If you are a cigar shop owner, it’s often tough to get your business to stand out online against your competitors, big box stores and online sellers. By being a part of the Cigar Chops network, you can let our marketing expertise go to work for you. Our expertise in marketing, digital media and search engine optimization helps our Cigar Chops website perform at its best, bringing more local customers to your directory listing on our site. What’s even better is that the more shops we have in our network, the better your listing will perform. Have you ever searched online for a place to have a smoke, only to have a bunch of vaping stores or liquor stores come up in your search feed?

Cigar Chops exclusively serves local cigar shops and lounges throughout the United States. Any shop can have a free listing on our directory, you just need to sign up. Cigar Chops also offers premium listings where shops and lounges can add a business description, images and even deals! To get started on your premium listing on Cigar Chops, Add A Cigar Shop in the footer of the website, www.cigarchops.com.

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