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06/20/2022 in Cigar Culture

OpusX Society

OpusX Society

The OpusX Society by Manny Iriarte offers high quality cigar and luxury accessories. Cuban-born photographer and visual artist Iriarte is no stranger to the cigar industry. Since 2006, more than 40 cigar companies have used his photography and packaging concepts in their advertising. He is probably best known by cigar enthusiasts as the designer of the internationally recognizable OpusX brand, initially developed by Iriarte in collaboration with Carlito Fuente Jr. in celebration of the premier brand’s 20th Anniversary.

Today, Fuente Fuente OpusX still symbolizes cigar perfection and is the standard by which all cigars are measured. Just the mention of the name OpusX oozes luxury and quality. The OpusX Society Collections are uniquely art inspired and reflect a quality of craftsmanship you can’t find just anywhere. Collections vary by brand but include specialty items such as lighters, cutters, and cigar cases coupled with items like ashtrays and humidors. Certain Collections also contain items such as mugs, whisky glasses or leather goods.

Current Collections include:

Fuente The OpusX Society Collection

  • El Azul Collection

  • El Rojo Collection

  • Essentials

Arturo Fuente Collection

  • Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

  • Arturo Fuente Hemingway

  • Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva

Manny Iriarte Collection

You can find OpusX Society products at https://theoxsociety.com/
To learn more about the artist, check out http://www.mannyiriarte.com/.

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