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06/27/2022 in Cigars 101

Size Matters

Size Matters

The proverbial saying “Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” was first penned by poet William Cowper in 1785 in his poem, “The Task”. Now, we know that William didn’t write this about cigars but he sure could have. Cigars not only come in a variety of brands, they also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Let’s demystify the terminology around the size, shape and color of your favorite smoke. 


Cigar sizes are determined by two factors: the length of the cigar and the size of the ring gauge. It is generally accepted that the thickness of a cigar determines how hot it burns and the length of a cigar determines how quickly it reaches your palate (i.e. how much smoke you’ll get with each draw). The longer a cigar is in length, the longer it typically takes to smoke. The thinner the cigar is, the hotter it burns. There are lots of factors that may make a certain size more to your liking than another. However, sizes can vary manufacturer to manufacturer so for the most part, cigar sizes can be used as a guideline so you can know what to expect and so you can describe the “size” that you like best.

What’s your size? (length in inches x ring gauge)

Churchill - 7” x 48 

Lancero - 7” x 38

Toro - 6’ x 50

Corona - 5.5” x 42

Robusto - 5” x 50

*note: There are many other sizes, these are the most common.


In addition to the various cigar sizes, cigars also come in different shapes. The most common cigar shape is a Parejo. A Parejo is the same size straight from end to end with a rounded head and an open foot. A Figurado cigar is one with an uneven shape. There are several types of well-known Figurado shapes like the Torpedo, Belicoso, Presidente, Perfecto and Pyramid. Cigars are a luxury and many are made in a Figurado shape to enhance the overall experience, to create a more distinct flavor or to provide the cigar with a greater visual impact.  


The color of a cigar is determined by its wrapper. No, we are not talking about the cellophane packaging that you sometimes see around individually wrapped cigars. We are talking about the actual tobacco leaf that is wrapped around the cigar filler and binder, the part that actually touches your lips when you smoke. A cigar’s wrapper is always made with the highest quality tobacco leaves and makes the most significant impact as to how a cigar tastes. Many people think that a cigar with a strong flavor profile is due to the tobacco it is made with but it is, in fact, the wrapper that is most often infused with herbs or spices to create its unique flavor. The most common cigar wrappers from light to dark in color are Connecticut, Corojo, Habano and Maduro.

No matter what cigar is preferred, there are a variety of cigar size, shape and color combinations to keep even the most discerning smoker’s palate satisfied.

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